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The mobile app to find your dream property

We designed and developed a real-estate app

Project: App:
Client: Estyhome
Service: Android Development
App design
CMS development
Estyhome is a real estate listing app for Android, to list and find properties, houses, homes and agents. The goal was to develop an easy to use app, compatible with Android devices, and build a web dashboard to manage properties and set configurations.
Design and Features
The dashboard page allows to manage the properties, add/edit/delete real-estate, configure property characteristics, send push notifications, assign agents and manage users.
Picture slideshow
Estyhome is publishing luxury properties, each with stunning views.
Fully compatible with Android devices. The app layout is optimized to offer a better experience both on smartphones and tablets.
More features
Vital features such as filtering, map location, sharing, agents contacts, categories, and many more were integrated into the app.
Client feedback
We developed a great partnership with Antares Code Studio and their dedication to our business is evident in all aspects of the app.
Ryan Moon
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